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Techno Grout GP

Extra Grout Floor & Wall Tiles


Cementations grout for ceramic tiles, interior and exterior tile grout, suitable for grouting all types of ceramic tiles on floor and walls for bathroom and kitchens.


Extended open/wet time, mold resistant, water resistant, will not be affected in wet areas, ready for use, high bond strength, available in many colors, non – slump, suitable for vertical and horizontal application.


Area to be grouting should be sound and clean and all contaminants must be removed prior to the application of extra grout.

Method of Use:

To ensure proper mixing, a mechanically powered mixer with suitable paddle should be used to mix 3.2 liter of clean water with 10kg powder, mixing time should be continued until uniform consistency is obtained. Apply using a spatula or a scraper and remove excess material from the face of a dry cloth and finish by running the tip of the gloved finger over the surface or by using a suitable curved tool, after drying, clean tiles with a damp sponge. During application and for at least 12 hours from application, the product should not be exposed to any water.


The approximate yield of the grout can be calculated a per the following equation:

L = tile length (cm)
H = tile width (cm)
D = average joint depth (cm)
W = average joint width (cm)


Applied product should be allowed to cure naturally at room temperature for at least 24 hour.

Shelf life:

Techno Grout GP is 12 month @ 2°C – 40°C in dry and shaded area.


Techno Grout GP is available in 10 kg bags.


Techno Grout GP is non-flammable.


Techno Grout GP may cause irritation to skin or eyes. In case of accidental with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water at least 10 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary.

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