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Techno Bond AE

Bonding Agent


Techno bond AE is a modified acrylic emulsion, specially designed for use as a bonding aid and curing agent for concrete repair system, it is resistant to hydrolysis under wet conditions and can therefore be used for external and internal application.


  • Single component, easy to use.
  • Simply brushed onto concrete as a primer.
  • Can be used as a curing membrane for localized patch repairs.
  • Provides excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stonework, plaster and block board.
  • Similar thermal expansion and modulus properties to concrete and economical to use .

Technical Data:

Filler: Water based emulsion of acrylic emulsion and modifiers.
Density: About 1.02 Kg/ Liter
Packing: 5 liter and 25 liter available in gallons
Color: White emulsion
Curing efficiency: > 55 %
Slant shear strength: > 5 MPa

Method of Use:

Techno bond AE should be brushed vigorously into the pre-dampened surface making sure to fill all pores and voids, make sure to apply the repair mortar whilst the applied coating is still tacky.


Cure the repair mortar to prevent rapid loss water, in severe drying conditions additional curing methods may be necessary, protect uncured mortar from frost and rain.


All tools should be cleaned immediately after application using fresh water .hardened materials should be cleaned mechanically


Approximately 6-8 m²/ liter as a primer


Techno sealer is flammable. Don’t use near a naked flame and don’t smoke during use.


Stir before use, protect from frost, techno bond AE maybe permanently damaged by freezing,particularly if thawed quickly.

Shelf Life:

Up to one year when stored under normal condition and temperatures 5-20 °C.


Techno bond AE is non –flammable.

Health and Safety:

Techno bond AE may cause irritation to skin or eyes. In case of accidental with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water at least 10 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary.

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