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Techno Bonds AC

Bonding Agent for a Multi-Purpose


Techno Bond AC is single component, specially formulated for use as a multi purpose adhesive and bonding agent for cement mixes and as an admixture for mortars.


  • Single component, easy to use.
  • High bond strength provides excellent adhesion when used as bonding agent for cement based mixes.
  • Improves renders and mortars durability.
  • Economical to use.
  • Improve impact resistance

Technical Data:

  • Filler water based of PVA and modifiers.
  • Density about 1.03 Kg/ Liter
  • Packing 5 liter and 20 liter available in gallons
  • Color White viscous liquid

Surface Preparation:

Clean the surface and remove any dust, unsound or contaminated material, oil, grease, corrosion deposits or algae. Where breaking out is not required, remove any laitance by light scrabbling or grit-blasting.

Method of Use:

As an Admixture:
Dilute 1 part of Techno Bond AC with 4 parts clean water (1:4) mix thoroughly, add premixed sand cement plaster, mortar or other dry material, pouring to admixture and mixing completely while adding. Mix entire batch for at least 3 minutes after dry material has been add to ensure a completely homogeneous has been achieved.

As a Bonding Agent:
Dilute 1 part of Techno Bond AC with 1 part clean water (1:1) mix thoroughly. Best result are achieved when bonding agent is applied by hand pump sprayer, material can also be applied by brush , apply plaster ,screed, render, mortar, joint tape etc. to substrate while bonding agent is still wet, if bonding agent is allowed to dry, its bonding properties are greatly affected.


All tools should be cleaned immediately after application using fresh water. Hardened materials should be cleaned mechanically.


Techno Bond AC has a shelf life of 12 months if stored at a temperature within 25 °C in original unopened packs away from direct sun light .


Techno Bond AC is non –flammable

Health and Safety:

Techno Bond AC should not be swallowed, Gloves and eye protection should be worn. In case of accidental contact with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 10 minutes and seek medical advice.

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