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Techno Cracks Filler

Internal & External Crack Filler


One component, ready to use, the product is a premium quality water resistant filler material for filling cracks, holes and for leveling uneven surfaces on a concrete or plaster based substrates. It is suitable for dry and wet interiors or exteriors for filling cracks up to 5 mm wide.


  • Easy to apply, water proof.
  • Shrinkage controlled polymer modified.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete.
  • Cost effective.
  • Suitable for internal and external application.

Technical Data:

Filler: Precisely graded crushed limestone fraction.
Type of Binder: Portland Cement ASTM C 150, type I.
Additives: Contains additives to improve consistency and work ability.
Density: About 1.0Kg/ Liter as dry powder, about 1.7 Kg/Liter when mixed with water.
Thickness: 1-4 mm in 2 applications for cracks.
Water addition: normally 9-10 Liters / 25 Kg bag (36-40%), for filling bigger holes, use less water.
Packing: Delivered dry premixed product in 25 kg paper bag.
Painting: Alkali resistant Paints should be used.
Color: White.


Area should be soaked with clean water before applying the plaster and remove dust, loose particles, grease and traces of foreign materials.

Method of Use:

1. Prepare the Plaster by adding the crack filler to a measured amount of clean water. A suitable mixing time is 0.5-3 minutes depending on the type of the mixing equipment. Let the composition stand mixture within 2-3 hours from mixing.
2. The plaster is now ready for application. The filler is pressed firmly into the crack by using a spatula or putty knife. When used for leveling especially outside profuse curing with water for 2 or 3 days should be done.
3. Tools and Equipment should be washed and cleaned with water after use.


Applied product should be allowed to cure naturally at room temperature for at least 24 hours.

Shelf Life:

12 months @ 2° C- 40°C in dry and shaded area


Techno cracks filler  is non flammable .


Crack Filler may cause irritation to skin or eyes. In case of accidental with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water at least 10 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary.

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