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Techno Bond SBR

Polymer Bonding Agent


Techno bond SBR polymer bonding agent is high solids styrene butadiene rubber latex emulsion admixture, its designed for use as an integral bonding agent with cement- based products in slurry bonding coats , concrete and mortar , its used to improve adhesion to properly prepared substrates.


  • Increase flexural and tensile strength.
  • Improve bond strength.
  • Reduces shrinkage.
  • Resists water penetration, abrasion and durability.
  • Similar thermal expansion and modulus properties to concrete.

Technical Data:

Filler: Water based emulsion of high solids styrene butadiene polymers and modifiers.
Density: About 1.0Kg/ Liter
Packing: 5 liter and 25 liter available in gallons
Color: Milky White emulsion.
Adhesion: Excellent to concrete, steel, bricks, glass.

Surface Preparation:

Surface must be structurally sound, remove all deteriorated concrete, dirt, oil, grease, curing compounds, coating and all bond-inhibiting materials from surface, new concrete and masonry surfaces must be cured 28 days. Preparation work should be done by high pressure water blast, scrabble, or other appropriate mechanical means to obtain an exposed aggregate surface with a minimum surface profile of ±1 /16 inch. Saturate surface with clean water, substrate should be saturated surface dry with no standing water curing application. Follow the surface preparation directions for the product in which techno bond SBR is being used as an admixture.

Mixing Instructions:

Bonding slurry: With mixer running, add techno bond SBR with 1 part water, then add equal parts sand and cement to produce a creamy brush consistency. Mix only the amount that can be used within the working life of the product.

Polymer admixture for mortar or concrete: With mixer running, add techno bond SBR (dilution varying 1 to 3 parts with water) depending on type of application aggregate, then cement. Mix to desired consistency

Application Techniques:

Bonding fresh mortar or concrete to hardened concrete: The properly prepared surface must be damp but free of standing water or puddles, scrub bonding slurry thoroughly onto prepared substrate, be sure entire surface and edges are coated. Apply mortar or concrete while bonding slurry is soft and plastic.

Polymer modified mortar or concrete: Must be placed immediately following bonding slurry, trowel immediately and broom finish, if needed, Avoid over toweling or over finishing surface, it’s impossible to achieve a hard steel trowel finish.


When using as bonding coat 1 liter of techno bond SBR will typically produce enough slurry to coat 3 m² of substrate dependent on surface texture and thickness applied.

For all normal use the standard does of 10 liters of techno bond SBR per 50 kg Portland cement is adequate. For extreme conditions and adhesion, water proofing, water vapor resistance or chemical resistance are critical, the dosage should be increased to 15 liter of techno bond SBR per 50 kg Portland cement.


Correct curing of techno bond SBR modified mixes is important moisture cure for at least one day and then allow to dry slowly.


All tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use. If delayed use of soap and coarse wire wool may help.


Stir before use, protect from frost, techno bond SBR may be permanently damaged by freezing, particularly if thawed quickly.


Techno bond SBR is non–flammable

Shelf Life:

Up to one year when stored under normal condition and temperatures 5-20 °C.


Techno bond SBR may cause irritation to skin or eyes. In case of accidental with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water at least 10 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary.

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