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Technofix GP*

Professional General Purpose Tile Adhesive


A cement based adhesive for fixing porcelain, quarry, mosaic, marble, terrazzo and terracotta tiles to rigid interior floors and walls.

Classification in compliance with EN 12004 Technofix gp* is an normal (1) cementitious (C) Adhesive classified C1

Brick and block workAllow at least 6 weeks before tiling. Light weight blocks need priming with PVA. Ensure that the walls face is sufficiently flat.
Cement/sand render Or screedAllow at least 3 weeks for screed and 2 weeks for render before tiling. Priming with PVA may be required if the surface is very dusty.
ConcreteAllow at least 7 weeks before tiling onto new concrete. Surface should be clean and free from laitance. Surface scrabbling is recommended.
Existing Ceramics / Vinyl TilesEnsure that the substrate is strong enough to take the weight of extra tiling, and that the surface is free from wax or polish, lightly abrade surface to improve key.
Plaster walls & Anhydrite screedsLeave plaster for at least 4 weeks before tiling. Anhydrite screeds must be fully dry and any laitance removed. It is important that the surface is sealed by repeatedly Coating with primer until the surface stops absorbing - for walls in dry areas use PVA.

Allowing for movement:

Flexible joints should be incorporated to allow for slight movements due to changes in temperature, humidity etc, as indicated by BS 5385.

a) Where the tiling meets other materials (e.g. Floor perimeters)
b) Along all internal corners-vertically and horizontally
c) Over existing movement joints or changes in background material
d) dividing large tiled areas into bays (even 3-4.5m on walls, 8-10m on Floors)

TECHNOFIX GP * is non flammable.

TECHNOFIX GP * may be cause irritation to skin or eyes, because it contains Portland cement and sand.

Shelf life is 12 months @ 2 C° – 40 C° in dry and shaded area.

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