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Techno Prime T

Thickness Coating Plaster


One component, ready to use cementations plaster. TECHNO PRIME T is composed of a blend of cement, sand, aggregates and selected polymers when mixed with water produced mortar suitable for plastering on vertical and overhead surfaces.

Technical Data:

Binder: Portland cement
Filler: precisely graded crushed sand
Additive: contains agents to increase work-ability, adhesion.
One coat thickness: when plastering and repairing 3-13 mm ,per coat depending on areas, maximum coat thickness 25mm.
Material consumption: approx 4-5 kg per @ 3mm thickness.


Plastering of concrete and blocks surfaces internally and externally.


Easy to apply, single component, requires only addition of water.Extremely low permeability to water providing excellent protection to steel reinforcements and host concrete. Suitable for internal and external application.

Method to Use:

Priming areas to be plastered must be clean and free from oil, grease, dust, laitance should be soaked with clean water before applying the plaster.


To ensure proper mixing a mechanically powered mixer or drill fitted with suitable paddle should be used.3-4 litter of clean water should be added to clean container. The powder is then added slowly to the water while mixing continuously with low speed mixer/drill. Mixing time should be continued until uniform consistency is obtained. In case of hot and dry condition can seriously affect setting and curing , to counteract this, add 1 part by volume – of techno bond AC to every 10-15 parts of clean water, depending on site condition, Add Bond to clean water for scratch

Placing and Finishing:

TECHNO PRIME T is applied by trowel. The mixed mortar should be applied using film pressure to fully compact mortar to ensure good adhesion with the substrate, finishing and leveling should be carried out initially by wooden or plastic float. Final finishing should be carried out using steel float. The plaster must be cured by water spray once every 12 hours,thereafter for at least the next 2 days and longer in hot and dry conditions.


Approximately 1 @ 10 mm thickness / 20 kg.


All tools should be cleaned immediately after application using fresh water.


30 kg.


TECHNO PRIME T is non-flammable.


TECHNO PRIME T has a shelf life of 12 months if stored at temperatures between 2-5°C.

Health and Safety:

TECHNO PRIME T may cause irritation to skin or eyes, in case of accidental contact with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 10 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary.

To the best of our belief, this information is true and accurate, but as conditions of use and any labour involved are beyond our control, the user must satisfy himself by prior testing that the product is suitable for his specific application, and no responsibility can be accepted, or any warranty given, by our representatives, agents or distributors. Products are sold subject to our standard conditions of sale and the end user should ensure that he has consulted our latest literature.

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