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Techno Stamp Release

Stamped Concrete Release


Techno Stamp Release is premixed color of hydrophobic material, ready to use, water repellent, not adherent and fully removable to be applied on a support previously treated with techno stamp hardener, gives a great visual beauty and makes it smooth with the resistance of the water and acids.


  • Ready to use, easy application.
  • Use primarily in stamping concrete.
  • Easy to remove without suction or withdrawal of the concrete.
  • Aging seal when used with the Techno Stamp Hardener.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays, infrared and acids, salts and alkalis.

Technical data:

Filling: a very thin powder of hydrophobic material.
Packaging: 17.5 kg / per package.
Color: available in many colors.

Method of Use:

  • You must use gloves and a mask of dust protection during work.
  • After the application of Techno Stamp Hardener, use Techno Stamp release by sprayed horizontal manually; use trowels to distribute excess powder of Techno Stamp release in some areas.
  • Use the appropriate of seals and placed over a concrete treatment and press by using a special pounder without delay.
  • The finished slap should be left for a minimum of 2-3 days to set.
  • All excess powder of Techno Stamp release should be brushed off and then cleaning using pressurized water.
  • Add the Techno sealer after drying concrete sealed.


5-7 m ² / kg.


12 months @ 2-40 ° C in a dry and shaded area.


Techno Stamp Release is non flammable.


This product may cause irritation to skin or eyes. In case of accidental with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water at least 10 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary.

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